Market Research

Content - Technology in detail



Market Intelligence

Data are determined specifically for you. A good data base is the basis for decisions in business development or product area strategies.This concerns changing requirements for packaging by brand owners, developments at OEMs or trends in packaging and digital printing.

The determination of such data is time-consuming and resource-intensive. I prepare these interviews for you and evaluate them according to a market comparison.


Content - Technology in Detail

To prepare product information in packaging and digital printing so as to ensure that it is informative and enjoyable to read.  This creates added value in the product and company communication.

The contents are processed by pack.consult in such a way that they can be used for offline- and online-press releases or in newsletter marketing.


Application - Projects in Packaging and Digital Printing

The support of projects in packaging and digital printing results in a complex range of services. It includes the support of brand owners to give the go-ahead for final printing, to implement the best printing solution so that the approved design is on the shelves at the product launch.
The range of services also includes individually defined projects and technical printing advice. Whether it is finding the right digital printing machine for the purpose, expanding the machinery with a digital printing machine, or optimizing the processes in packaging printing.

Or a product has been developed, however, a persuasive market launch strategy is absent. Testing the relevant product properties with and among end users, gaining practical field experiences with the product and developing a market launch strategy is the content of the Application Service also.

Test on Heidelberg Primefire 106

Digital folding carton samples

Guilloches in digital security printing

Digitally printed paper sachets

Digital post-print on different liners