Content Marketing


Market Intelligence


Content Marketing - Technology in Detail

pack.consult communicates in the language of the packaging market. Print-specific content is formulated precisely and ensures that the message is perfectly comprehensible. This creates added value for you in product and corporate communication.

pack.consult prepares the content in such a way that it has exactly the right format for print or online publication. As an article, press release, white paper, newsletter or web content.


Application - Consulting Projects in Packaging and Digital Printing

pack.consult supports projects in conventional and digital packaging printing. The range of services includes individually defined projects and technical printing advice. Whether it is finding the right conventional or digital printing machine for the purpose, expanding the machinery with a digital printing machine, or optimizing the processes in packaging printing. Or a product has been developed, however, a persuasive market launch strategy is absent.

Together with partners, we also design and realise entire packaging printing plants in flexible packaging as well as in corrugated board and label printing.
More information on the partner site.

pack.consult supports brand owners to give the go-ahead for final printing, to implement the best printing solution. So that when the product is launched, the same as the approved design will be on the shelves.


Market Intelligence

pack.consult determines data specifically for you, because a good data base is the basis for decisions in business development or product area strategies. The determination of such data is time-consuming and resource-intensive. pack.consult prepares these interviews for you and evaluate them according to a market comparison.